Weddings, weddings, weddings!!!

Weddings, weddings, weddings!!!

It has been a fantastic wedding season here at Juliette's.  So many lovely brides (and their grooms of course) to help, and create their special day.  It is just an honour to be chosen as their florist as we know the flowers will play such a huge roll in their memories and the beauty of the photographs for years to come.

One of my biggest thrills is getting emailed (or uploaded to facebook!) the professional photos - no matter how well I manage to capture the bouquets in the shop before they leave they never look as good as when the bride is holding them!!!!

Here is just one of my favourite photos (captured by Max Behle) and the awesome feedback from one of the first brides of the season

"Thanks again for your amazing work and capturing the essence of what I was dreaming of - you got it spot on! :-)    -  Jo