Flower subscriptions for Home

Hey everyone,

Winter is upon us, and quite frankly it's a bit rainy and gloomy out there!!!  Need some flowers to brighten your home?

A common myth out there is that there aren't as many flowers around at winter time and they are more expensive.....but actually lots of flowers are still readily available and due to NZ greenhouses we can get flowers even in the middle of winter.  Spring flowers are a-plenty now too, they are a bit confused with the seasons but hey - it is a bonus for us!

If you have thought about getting flowers every week to brighten your home or for a loved one - now is a great time to give our subscription a go, the colder weather means the flowers last even longer too. Our subscription flowers means you get fresh flowers delivered to your front door every Friday (and they will last all week!).  So fresh and super convenient!!!

There are different options available on our website or contact us for more info.  One happy customer says:

"I wanted to say thanks – I really enjoy getting flowers every Friday.  I love knowing that they are going to arrive – yet love that it is also a surprise as I never know what is going to turn up.  This is the best gift I could give myself...." - Janine


Keep warm :-)